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A series of topics related to preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth, bonding, and post partum issues. Feel free to make suggestions for future topics.

Finding the ‘Empty Space’ in Labor and Birth

In ancient tribal rituals and studies, women have been revered as the stronger of the sex because they have a womb.  A womb signifies ‘creator of life’ or the ’empty space’ of potential creativity. Everything that happens creatively occurs spontaneously in the ’empty space’ where we have to go to, let go, give up, relinquish, until we are empty.  

Men can also come to that place where they feel that ’empty space’ in themselves.

How to do this?  Focus on the breath OUT instead of the breath IN.  Breathing in fills one up and breathing out ’empties’.   These are completely different effects. This will enable the mother all she needs to get the baby out by breathing out.   When you are in labor or with someone in labor, BREATHE OUT with a focus and connection.  Anything else is too much!  In childbirth studies there are concepts of not pushing baby out but rather, “breathe your baby out”.  This process brings the body back to a place of receiving.

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